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My girlfriend is on a water diet and thus doesn't eat... she almost fainted and in the morning she can't walk straight and im getting worried about her health. She looks at me like im crazy when I tel her she's being unhealthy and that Im worried..


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  • Lol... Sounds like the beginning of anorexia
    Is she at a healthy weight or is she chubby?

    • She’s a bit chubby but definitely not unhealthy. It’s in her genes to be a bit more chubby too. It’s normal in my opinion

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    • from what you've said she doesn't NEED to lose any weight
      She could lose some weight (or gain even lmao) and still be healthy but as she is now she won't know when enough is enough
      I'd say encourage her to consult a dietician and a therapist before she falls too deep in her unhealthy thoughts
      She has to stop all weight loss efforts as she is not mentally prepared and she's risking activating a mental disorder that will never leave her
      You'll have to try to keep calm when you talk to her about this, I know its very very frustrating but she doesn't know that she has a problem and she might not realize it anytime soon, but its not her fault and its not a choice either
      (She might subconsciously or consciously think people that are worried about her are trying to stop her from achieving her goals and dreams and that they want to keep her "fat" so itll take a WHILE until she trusts anyone, i hope this is not the case however)

    • Extreme dieting will destroy her body no matter what her current weight is; someone cutting too much at an obese weight will face more or less the same health risks as someone extreme dieting at a healthy or underweight body weight.
      She'll lose muscle and lean body mass (the heart is a muscle !, bone mass (this is irreversible at her age) she'll start losing hair, and a lot of it. hair growth isn't essential for survival and the body stops all activities that are unnecessary so it can keep the energy for more important functions like keeping the brain alive (heart, lungs, etc)
      She will, at some point sooner or later, lose her period and fertility (this could happen as early as 2 months into the diet)
      And its SO hard to bring it back
      The body decides its energy intake is not sufficient enough to support a baby and so it shuts down the reproductive organs
      Her skin will become very dry
      She will develop deficiencies
      And these are just the problems she'll have before she loses much weight

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  • We humans require nutrition and if she's doing this she can die... Literally die

  • Tell her she needs like one piece of meat (protein) and like one vegetable a day (fiber) to add to the water diet for the sake of her health. And also Tell her she’ll gain water weight if she doesn't sweat it off


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