‪Who has more vegan alternatives, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods ‬?

About to go grocery shopping, not sure which one to go to
  • Trader Joe’s
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  • Whole Foods
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  • I would recommend you to stay away as much as you can from whole foods.

    Amazon bought the company not long ago. And amazon in recent months have been really putting effort into obligating member to do as they wish.

    I believe they will make costumers of whole foods pay more money if they are not members of amazon or amazon prime. Which is bad because:

    1. You should not be obligated to be part of a company to be able to buy food. (That's why I think cosco is not such a good option)

    2. If you become part of amazon just to buy your food they automatically are making money off you by advertising their products and services to your email for free, (think about it, that is why some apps pay you for watching advertisings.)

    3. If you do decide to go buy there, they will see the benefits and other companies will start doing the same thing. Next thing you know you may be seen walmart buying old navy and replaying their logo on cloths lol. But seriously, we are entering a scary era for our consumer freedom.


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