How many cups of coffee do you usually drink in a day? At what time?


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  • 2-3 cups per day

    1st cup of coffee is around 5am (wait for coffee machine to warm up, make coffee and froth milk. Work day) Weekend between 9am-10am but the same process

    2nd cup of coffee (Lunch break 1pm). Weekend it’s usually after 2pm

    3rd cup of coffee (often but not often enough to be a routine) After Dinner before i get ready for bed. Around 8pm


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  • 16-32 ounces morning flip of a coin another 16 ounces midday, pre-workout at sunset, maybe 8 ounces at night ~ 4-5 cups a day ~ 650-750mg caffeine a day.

    • Why do you drink coffee pre-workout? Isn't it not good? I think it is better if you drink milk or juice pre-workout 😊

    • Caffeine before workout is better, at this point I barely even feel caffeine my tolerances are high have to go a week or so without which is hell to balance it back down again.

    • I can't imagine that you still can survive one week without coffee

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