Help, does anyone knows some home tools for making fast pizza?

and a good Recipe


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  • 67% of flours weight warm water and mixed in it, in it 1.5% of instant yeast and 2% sugar, let it sit

    In the flour mix 1.5% of its weight salt, make a well in the middle and pour the water yeast mixture in and 5% of flour's weight in olive oil. Mix until you form a ball.

    Pour it on a surface with a little flour and need for 10 minutes using as little flour as you can and make it into a ball. Put a little oil in a bowl and on the dough and let it be covered for at lest one hour until it doubles in size. Dough is ready!

    Then just make some sauce, find some cheese and some toppings and crank oven as hot as it gets. Make some pizza!


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  • Fast? Pre made crust, bottled sauce, toppings


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