Are you signing up to have Costco’s Doomesday food kit sent to you?

Recently, Costco announced that on their website, you can now purchase a Doomsday meal kit for $6,000 (Costco will even provide free shipping).

This meal kit includes 36,000 servings of food to feed a family of four for a year. Now you and your family can be rest easy knowing that when the apocalypse comes, you will be prepared!

I was planning to start a GoFundMe page to collect donations to buy as many kits as I can to share with all of my GaG friends! Because when the apocalypse comes, we need some people
around to manage this site.

Who’s in? 😜😜😂😂


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  • Well sams club has a one year supply of food for four people on sale now for 2699.99 gotta shop around. However it does state fewer servings and a daily calorie average at around 1200 per person per day. And the Costco kit says an average of 2000 calories per day per person. So... guess I guess it depends if you want get those pesky pounds off finally before the end... lol
    Then Costco also has a one year supply of food for one person. But that puts you back down into the 1200 calorie average per day... but that's only 999.99 so x 4 you're saving a bit of money but not quite getting all you would have for that extra couple grand for the four person Costco kit but Sams Club would clearly be the better choice then...
    Hmmmm guess I'll have to start looking for where the hell im going to store all this. 😳


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  • I like wasting my Costco money on croissants and hash browns thanks


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