What’s your favorite cocktail? Do you have a signature drink?


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  • i made up a drink (but i'm sure it already exists at some hipster bar)
    I call it a bitter orange old fashioned:

    Muddle an orange slice at the bottom of a heavy whiskey glass
    Bourbon (or rye whiskey) 2oz
    Aperol (or Campari) 3/4oz
    Maple Syrup 1/4oz
    dash orange bitters
    Mix well in the glass, they syrup is a little hard to mix in, and add a big ice cube (i have ice sphere molds) and spin the cube to chill it down and enjoy!

    • Dude I think you can make our cocktail drinks and make a brand.. Lol

    • haha you opening a bar or something? i love cocktails! they're so much fun

    • Not really but I like when people do something by themselves

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