What should I have for my first drink?

I turn 22 next week. The guy I’m dating-ish but have known for about 3 years has got us a deluxe suite at a really nice hotel and we’ve decided to spend the day in relaxing, eating and ‘stuff’ we also spoke about me having my first drink, he likes beers and vodka etc. Not so much wine or Mojitos, I’ve obvs come of legal drinking age a while back but I’m more of a 420 girl so drinking never appealed to me, I’ve had one taste of JD and one apple vodka cocktail years back. but I’ve achieved so much since my last birthday I want to celebrate, long story short what would you recommend for me to have ask my first official drink. Nothing too heavy that would make me want to die but also something that’ll pair well with weed 🙈🤭 and give a nice buzz


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  • If you're going out, I'd go with a Long Island Iced tea. If you're looking to get a nice buzz, long Islands is basically just a bunch of hard liquor that doesn't taste like hard liquor.

    If you're staying in, stick with something simple, something vodka based in my opinion.

    • A friend suggested Ciroc Apple with some apple juice to take off the edge?

    • Yeah that's not bad. Any sort of flavored vodka mixes are pretty nice.

      Make sure you smoke beforehand though. Almost everytime I start drinking BEFORE I smoke, it ends up not being a good time. There's even a saying that goes with it lol:

      Beer then grass, you're on your ass
      Grass then beer, you're in the clear

    • Haha I love that. And thanks for the heads up about the smoking x

  • something light as your not used to the alcohol at this point


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