Ever been to a restaurant just once and then it was closed forever?

I had went to this sports bar in another city once last fall , had seen it and always been curious to go inside but never did until one night last fall. it seemed really nice and brand new and some attractive women worked there

when I was online today was surprised to find an article about how a steak house was going in that location and how the sports bar had closed down suddenly last December for not paying rent

I wasn't aware it had closed as I hadn't been back to that city since the fall but it seemed really busy and had over 100 reviews on google

so I guess that mean i'll only ever get to go there once


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  • Yes, restaurants open and close pretty often in my area. A lot of times they have good food but either the management isn't very smart, or they're int he wrong location.

    • in that city restaurant closures aren't that common and I can only think of a couple others that have closed recently , the ones still open have been in the same locations for years. although there was another smaller sports bar that also closed in that plaza , part of a smaller chain and it didn't seem to last long

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    • Hmm, probably was bad management then, a bar should at least be able to make enough money to pay its rent!

    • who knows I found in that city there seemed to be a lot of places doing the same thing , concepts very similar , was other sports bar type restaurants perhaps it wasn't really that busy , I was there on a Saturday night , who knows what it was like others

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  • Google reviews may not be the best judge of the popularity or success of a business, as many of them can be falsified or fabricated.

    That said, bars go out of business all the time.. more than half will fail in the first year alone. This can be attributed to a bad location, poor quality drinks and/or food, bad service, or a lack of control over costs and expenses. If they weren’t paying rent, then the bar was probably not generating enough cash to meet its obligations.. one of the main reasons why businesses fail early on.


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