Who Started Salads?

What culture started salad, Greek/Mediterranean, American, or Other?
  • Greek/Mediterranean
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  • American
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  • Other Culture Developed Salads
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Either the Romans or ancient Greeks.

    • Do you know this for certain? I haven't googled it. It came up during lunch today at work while all but one person was eating salads, the one girl was eating pizza and wings.

    • No, I don't know for certain, but after Googling it, all I found was vague mentions of the same, when defining salad as mixed greens with dressing.

    • I figured it probably would be the Romans or Ancient Greeks. Thank you for your opinion.

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  • i love how American is in there but only been around for the blink of an eye compared to greece. anyway it would seem every different area of the world had to depend on a vegetable based diet at some point and lets face it... there's more than one type of salad. i mean who invented fire?

    • That's why I put America in the mix because we are one of the NKOTB. You can only put so many options and I did this while taking a fast lunch at work. I often don't even get a chance to eat at work.

  • I want to know exactly who started tossing them. lol

    • I haven't googled yet. It came up at lunch today during work when one girl was eating pizza and wings and the rest of us were all eating salads.

    • You do know to what I was referring (facetiously), right? Think about it...

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