Can someone help me tell the difference in taste between thyme and tarragon? And when its best to use them?

I like cooking a lot and I usually use different herbs and stuff. However I have multiple bottles of thyme and tarragon in my kitchen and really dont know when to use it. Which kind of dishes are they useful for?


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  • Off the top of my head, and I've been chef since 2010,
    I used tarragon for like things has a good acidity flavor much like lemon thats mixed with oil much like a vinaigrette. It goes well with classic fish dishes as well.
    I used thyme for soups and sauces thats low in salt count, pizza sause, sausage gravy, French onion soup, etc.

    • Ah thanks, very helpful. Im mot a fish person. And usually only use basil for sauses. Explains why I didn't know.

      Anyways thanks you very much

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