I am craving Fast food burgers what should I get?

I am going out to lunch in 1 an a half hours and i have been craving some burgers from a fastfood place What should i go with? >.< i am craving taboo foods not healthy at all so don't tell me to go eat something healthy i already eat healthy i just want to have a nice little cheat day today
  • McDonalds!
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  • BurgerKing!
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  • Windy's!
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  • Hardy's!
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  • Whataburger!
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  • I've always liked Hardee's. There aren't any out here in Las Vegas but Carl's Junior is owned by the same company so I go there. The double sliders are freaking amazing and they're only $1.50 each. Or get the $5.00 box. It's got two sliders, a small fries, and a drink. Oh, and they toss a cookie in that box too. I'm telling you, it will rock your lunch break.

    • carl's junior is hardees they are the same place they just have little differences to the menus

    • Twenty or more years ago, Hardee's bought another fast food place called Roy Rogers. Hardee's brought a few of the menu items over, such as the Frisco, a sourdough breakfast sandwich. These acquired menu items never made it to the Carl's menu. Too bad because some of those old Roy Rogers items were damn good.

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  • Make at home.


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  • U should get

  • Back in the days. I used to love Whataburger.

  • Something that honors our bodies life purpose.


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