What girls think about guys who are picky?

im 17yo.
So im really picky but really. If you maybe know guy "FaZe Censor" on youtube im like him. I mean i like a lot foods but i dont like : cheese, eggs, pizza , cheeseburgers etc... Im too scared even to try it. And im perfectly fine with it but i can imagine what if one day i find girlfriend and what she gonna think about it? Mostly i eat everything except things which cointains eggs, cheese and i know everyone love this things. What girls think about that?


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  • I'm probably pickier than you, I wouldn't mind a guy that is picky.


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  • No pizza? WTF is wrong with you? lol

    • dont love cheese thats why

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    • nope, like i said i dont love cheese and eggs. There is also some foods but not important ones.

    • Wow you sound worse than me. I have Autism/Aspergers, which prevents me from liking or trying new foods, so I'm very picky too.

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