Have You Tried Edible Cannabis Products?

I was just wondering who has tried edible cannabis products. In the state where I live, there are now legal stores. I just bought some for the first time and I ate a 5mg THC square of chocolate. How long does it take for this to take effect? I ate this 1/2 hour ago and I can "somewhat" feel it.
OK It has been a little over an hour, and I definitely feel the effect!


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  • It can take a very long time depending on the person before you feel it. It's a very bad idea to keep eating more thinking "well I don't feel it yet..." many people make that mistake.

    • Yes good advice. I knew it would kick in eventually so I didn't take more than one. Excellent point though. Wow yeah after about an hour and a half I really felt the effect! I went to bed and slept quite well. LOL

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  • I’ve had weed brownies twice & cookies once. Each time, I was FUCKED UP. Mostly because I ignore people when they tell me not to eat the whole thing in one bite. & when I had the cookies, I ate 3. Soooooo I don’t even remember that night. 😆

    • Well, the earlier poster on this short thread made a good point, to not keep eating the stuff until you feel it... LOL... I did notice that it really took awhile to absorb into my system. Wow I wonder how many milligrams you got eventually! This is my first time trying the stuff. 5mg I could definitely feel. I'll try 10mg next.

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