Is it possible for a person who weighs only 115 lbs (around 52 kg) to need to consume like 2500 calories per day?

I've read that the average adult needs 2000 calories per day. But I weigh even less than the average woman. Truth is that I burn lots of calories per day because I walk a lot, but again... it seems too much for someone my size.


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  • The average adult needs sooooo much more than 2000 calories per day lol

    I did all the math and personal calculations in University and I was at about 5000 per day to maintain my weight at 190. Granted I was higher than most people because of physical activity but no one was at 2000

  • Just eat more than your body burns. You can even use some supliments. Eat more and eventually you will gain mass

    • I am not into gaining muscle mass anyway. I was just finding strange.

    • Well i was talking about mass in general. But yah if you want you can eat way more than 2.5k. You're not gonna die.

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  • Depending on your height, metabolism, and amount of exercise, it is a possibility


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