How do you order at fast food restaurants?

I know this might sound like a dumb question, but I've never order food at a fast food place (I've obviously eaten fast food before just never ordered it myself and I'm 15 btw) and I was just wondering how do you order at places like McDonalds or Burger King etc. Are there certain rules or limits to what you can order? For example say I go to McDonalds and I just want to get 20 Chicken Nuggets and Large fries with no drink or say I just want to get a milkshake. Would they give it to me or would I have to order a complete meal with fries, drink, etc. Also can you combine anything off the menu and order whatever you want or do you have to order the combos that are the menu? Yes go ahead and laugh but I was just nervous about going to a fast food place and I don't want to look like a fool whenever I'm in like trying to get something.


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  • You can order whatever you want off the menu. The combo is usually less money but no point in getting it if you just want some fries. You tell the cashier what you want and then pay. As simple as that


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  • I don’t know exactly what kinds of combos your local fast food joint has

    But to me it’s very simple, you’re the customer and you want something, and you tell them what it is you want.

    If they’re like “oh well you can’t have that without...” you’ll just tell them you don’t want that.
    If they refuse then tell them you’ll get it someplace else.

    Just order what you want, if they have an issue with it they’ll let you know about it.

    And then the ball is in your court again, wether or not you’ll agree with that

    But usually they’ll do what you say
    (Even something like, “I’ll have a maestro burger, but without the tomato”, they’ll have to make it from scratch without tomato Incase of allergies and stuff)

    • So if I just want to order fries just fries and nothing else would I be able to? Just making sure

    • Yeah

      Plus here’s the thing
      If you want fries and nothing more
      What’s wrong with asking the guy who works there?

      Worst case scenario he says you can’t

      Just order what you want, the way you want it.

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  • Aight you walk in you be they go ask you what you want you go say "ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY RN EMPTY THE CASH REGISTER!"

    Nah but forreal though you go in wait in line and tell them you want a number 3 if you want a chicken sandwich with your number 3 say it like dees "How u doing lemme get aaa... number 3" then they go ask you something like "The whole meal? Size? Drink?" After you answer that be like "Oh and lemme get a chicken sandwich too"

  • You can do combo, individual, or make your own combo by combining several individuals.

  • you're ridiculous.

  • Through the drive through. Grab and go

  • You get what you order plain and simple


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