Anyone from Ireland or the uk?😅 from this List what would you recommend me to try, these are all alcohol and I’m new to drinking. so advice please?

I’m asking my fellow brits just so I can hear from them.


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  • Drink lager to begin with if you have never drunk before stay away from spirits


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  • Put these on your bucket list:

    The finest Scotch you can buy.
    The finest Irish Whiskey you can buy.
    Try ALL the ales, but start slow.
    Of course, real Irish Guinness, and also some other, better stouts, again go slow.
    Shandy is better for light drinking when you're newb.
    Try ALL the ciders, but go slow.

    You have a world of beers and spirits made right on those British Isles as we say - a really rich history. You could drink just domestic stuff for the rest of your life and still have a huge variety of experiences. But hop on the tube and visit Bruges or Brussels, and Prague for other experiences with classic beer styles. There are some wicked strong beers out of Belgium - they'll kick your ass. Of course, French and California wines are another whole trip.

    Have all the fun trying all the stuff I can't. Take it easy.

    Approach it like a connoisseur and try not to get too drunk. But if you're going to get drunk, cheap German lagers seem the best.

  • Lol I guess I’m still young to give u suggestions 😂

    • If you have any you can tell

  • US Budweiser

  • Ever wonder why lager ads want you to drink it super cold? It tastes like shit and the cold numbs your taste buds.
    Why they want you to drink it from the bottle? When beer is poured the flavour expands and you might be able to taste just how shitty it is.
    Find a decent pub and explore some ales and stouts. The Caledonian 80/- , Boddington's, and London Pride are great pints. I'm also partial to Vitamin G. A wee dram on the side does not go amiss, but no more than 1 or 2 ml of H2O. I carry my own eye dropper. Stay away fom cocktails. They kill the taste of the liquor with sugary crap and go down like lemonade.
    Malbec is my go-to new world wine.


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