Lifting weights diet for a person so poor, that it doesn't even make sense! Any tips given my situation?

This is what I have.

1 very small George Foreman grill.
1 Small mini fridge
a few shelves to store food on

That's it. I feel like shit when I eat meat, and I don't have money to be spending on meat it's too expensive.

So with that said, I lift weights and this is what my diet is.

1 gallon of milk a day. $3 a day for food is still almost too much for me.
I also buy bananas because about 6-8 costs me 50 cents.
I buy bags of carrots, and dip them in spicy hummus if I can find a deal or for cheap. Also I might get celery, or baby tomatoes.
I have a couple of bottles of daily vitamins
Instant oatmeal
A gallon of milk is over 2k calories, plus the oatmeal and bananas and hummus, I think gives me enough calories to build muscle. I just want to make sure I'm not going to die or screw myself up while lifting if something important is missing from my diet.
The daily vitamins I have is "1 a day, pro edge" it's for sports. I got it free and have like 90 pills. I figured this would be enough to fill in the gaps but I don't really know.

So that's really all I'm eating right now. Before this, I was only eating the food I get for free at my job (fast food) and after eating nothing but fast food for like 9 months I literally cannot stomach any kind of food that is what I used to like. Pizza, wings, tortilla chips and queso or salsa. Obviously I can't eat fast food even if I tried I feel like I'll barf immediately. Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn.

I think this diet is an upgrade, but I'm also lifting weights now.
I don't know what else to try to get, with my extremely limited budget of like $5 a day to eat. I also cannot cook unless it fits on my tiny foreman grill. I do have a good variety of spices though that I bought like a year ago and never used.

Any tips?


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  • Well eating fast food will make your stomach weak. If you were continuing eating them you would have end up throwing up everytime you eat something unhealthy. So i couldn't see eggs in your diet i dont know how much it is in your country. Eggs are full of good protein and all my friends who try to have bigger muscles eat them all the time. Soya beans are good too also I don't know how much it is. There are vegetable markets they would sell with discount in the last hours of selling. Or you can collect coupons. i recently watched a documentary named gleaners and i. A man used to eat from expired things supermarkets throw out. They were eatable until 5 or 6 days. and also bakeries throw out their left over breads at 5 in the morning so if you check the bins around them you might find good bread. I know it's not something everybody would do but that's a choice if you hit the rock bottom. If you have a yard or a piece of land you can plant some potatoes and onions. They don't need much attention. You can plant tomatoes too but they are harder to grow.


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  • beans & rice are a complete protein.


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  • I’m not qualified to answer this I just started lifting a couple months ago but what works for me is Costco and Vallarta. I get my salads, chicken, protein powder, Greek yogurt, and veggies from there. Buying in bulk of the items like chicken, protein powder, and yogurt helps me ration myself out every two weeks.

  • Lentils, chickpeas, eggs, rice
    Grilled chicken is always good too if its not too expensive


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