Cannabis: Indica vs. Sativa?

Cannabis products were just made legal in the state where I live. I recently bought a "candy bar" divided into 5 mg of THC per section. It is pretty relaxing to just take the 5 mg. If I take 10 mg in the evening, I find that I am a bit too "out there" the next day so I stick with 5 mg. Question is, how do Indica strains differ from Sativa strains in the effect they have?

The product that I have does not specify. It could be a mixture of both for all I know.


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  • Indica is more of a sleeping aid. Sativa is more of a happy pump up strain

    • Do the Sativa strains keep you awake?

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    • I've only done hybrids. I have a relatively high sex drive so being in a nonsober state in any capacity makes my motor run for lack of a better term :p

    • LOL I drove 90 miles to the shop today and asked for some edible sativa products. I bought two packs of different products that the lady said were sativa, but I looked them up on the internet and they are hybrids. Oh well, I'm sure they will be fine.

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  • For me both is the same. I don't even know the difference

  • Sativa. Indica puts me in the bed

    • The edible product I have is probably indica or a mix of both. I do feel a little absent minded the next morning. Does straight sativa do that also?

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