Has anyone here tried durian before?

Has anyone here tried durian before?
  • Yeah! But I hate it
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  • Yeah and I love it!
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  • Nope and I don't think I'll try it
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  • Nope but I'd love to try it!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It smells like so horrible. I cannot get past that. Like whoever first ate it must have been starving in a desert about to die to put that in his mouth.

    • But it smells sweet and tastes sweet 🤔maybe different people have different taste receptors, interesting

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    • Trinidad? What no, Malaysia, left that corrupted country 5 years ago, I do but it's just over priced and the tastes are off because it's either frozen or oxidised for days

    • Yeah there’s nothing like fresh off the tree food... it’s too bad you’re in that situation. Also that Malaysia is so bad atm

Most Helpful Guy

  • My Chinese friend brought me durian cakes, they were gross


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