Live in a Pop Tart country? Like them? Favorite flavor?

Live in a Pop Tart country? Like them? Favorite flavor?GaG being worldwide... I was curious if Pop Tarts are only in the US but thanks to Sir Google it appears they are also available in Canada, Finland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

I pretty much have some every day... my favorite flavors are frosted blueberry, unfrosted blueberry, cookies & creme and s'mores. Just finished two s'mores ones with a tall, cold glass of milk.

Poll time... what about you - are they available in your country? Do you like them?

There are a few dozen flavors so leave a comment to share your favorites.
  • I live in a Pop Tart country and I like them
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  • I live in a Pop Tart country and I do not like them
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  • I do not live in a Pop Tart country - but I wish I could try them
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  • I do not live in a Pop Tart country - and I do not want to try them
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  • Pop Tarts are dumb and/or you are an idiot :)
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This is for the so called "man" named Iron who left another hateful message in this thread then sent me a PM and THEN... the baby blocked me. So apologies for everyone getting this update which is just for the baby_man

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  • I freaking LOVE pop tarts... I would be the size of a house if they were readily available in Australia!
    When I was a kid they had these apple ones, not the frosted ones but just plain and they were so good. You can buy chocolate ones in one supermarket here but they don’t really interest me, or you can go to American speciality shops and pay $12-$16 a box

    • Thanks fellow Pop Tart admirer - appreciate the comment. When I was googling earlier, I did see a mention of Australia - something about they were discontinued for awhile and then only a few flavors were brought back.

      In the US, you can get value size boxes (32 count) for about $7-8 (which I think is about $9 there). How many are in the $12-16 boxes you mentioned? You might want to open a Pop Tart store and bring back all the flavors :)

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    • @Iron_Man haha no, Aussie girl. I’ve lived in the States though, which is where I picked up my meanness 😊

    • Yes it all makes since now. At least your loyle to your boyfriend you don't flirt with other guys.

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  • I love Pop-Tarts my whole life I've been eating them. I eat them cold I eat them warm nice little treats. Along with a good glass of milk at times

    • Well alright dog! We be down with the Pop Tarts together.

      I can see a TV commercial in the making...
      Ad begins... dark and dreary... two peeps sitting at the kitchen table arguing - "convo over!" barks one; sad faces; then in the background hear "ding!" - cut to 2 Pop Tarts popping up in the toaster... cut back to two peeps... smiling now... cheerful music plays with a voice over saying "Pop Tarts - so tasty they can even resolve E battles" :)

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    • Typo I mean dear UpDate man

    • What? The? Actual? Have you watched the handmaids tale?

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  • We have them in the America sections of supermarkets here in Finland. I don't remember the last time I had one, though.

    I think it's hilarious that they're trying to pass them off as a "healthy" breakfast with all this "good source of six vitamins and minerals" crap.

    • Thanks for sharing. That's interesting... "American sections of supermarkets" - are there lots of different items?

      And yes, the nutritional advertising is a bit funny. I like them but am not fooled :)

    • Hmm, I haven't really looked at the America sections too closely but they have stuff like marshmallow fluff, Dr Pepper, twizzlers, Reese's peanut butter cups etc. Mainly junk food that we associate with America, I guess. I'm not even sure if they have those sections anymore or if the products have been mixed in with the rest. I just remember them from like ten years ago.

    • Interesting and seeing as the US is likely the junk food capital of the world lol... what you described makes sense :)

  • The new Wildlicious Wild Berry, Frosted Raspberry, and Chocolate Fudge

  • I live in said country but have not had/remembered consumption of such.

    • hmmm... 1 vote for "Pop Tarts are dumb and/or you are an idiot "... coincidence? lol...

      Yes congratulations you are from a Pop Tart country! While you have not consumed them, have you ever seen or heard about them? Or did you mean a wider definition of "consumed" to include eat, see, think, etc?

      P. S. Your word choices "said country"... "of such"... quite proper - like legal proceeding proper... hmmmm... have you been stealing Pop Tarts from a neighbor?

    • Too much shakespear.. it's infiltrating down through thy fingertipeth.

    • As of yet hath not spent thy vote. :P

  • We have no pop tarts here and i haven't seen them. I just see them in internet like now.

  • I love them, especially s'mores.

  • I like the cinnamon kind

  • I personally don’t like pop tarts.

  • Ugh pop tarts are delicious but I don't eat them. Sugar is the enemyyyy


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