Alcohol vs weed which one gives more pleasure?

Have some stories when you tried for the first time?
What was your first experience?
Did tried on your own or friends played big part in this...Alcohol vs weed which one gives more pleasure?
  • Alcohol 😎
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  • Weed😍
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  • I love both😘
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  • I don't drink or smoke thanks 😒
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Most Helpful Girl

  • So I will share a my "first' story...

    The first time I felt the affects of weed, I thought the weed may be lased. I thought that because I had smoked weed a couple times before and had never felt anything from it. But weeks before the day I smoked weed and felt the affects, I had dropped a hit of acid and spent a day tripping. lol!

    So when I felt the affects of weed for the first time, I thought... OMGosh... I have been dosed!!

    At a party, I pulled my girlfriend aside and told her I had been dosed. She asked why I thought that and I very seriously said, "I smoked some weed and while I was sitting on the couch next to the speakers, my thoughts were going to the beat of the music."

    She waved me off and walking away just casually said, "You are just high."

    And from that moment on and some thirty years later - I have been a stoner.

    My most fun stories are weed stories. The drinking stories, while can be funny at times, are often stories you do not want to tell because you do not want people to know. lol!

    They both bring pleasure but a different pleasure and a different risk.

    If I had to suggest just one, I would suggest someone smokes weed. It is less dangerous to you and others. lol!

    With weed, usually your biggest danger is just embarrassing yourself. With alcohol, the least danger is your hurt yourself and/or others mentally. The greater danger is you hurt yourself or others, physically. Not good. :(


Most Helpful Guy

  • For me alcohol is really nice because my awkward and shy behaviour just dissapears. It makes me more social and just lets me have a good time.

    Weed just makes me zone out completely, my anxiety and awkwardness dissapears. But my whole personality kinda changes. If i’m geeking it’s literally just laughing the whole trip and it’s the funniest thing.

    The difference isn’t that big but i’d say weed is a better feeling. Except if you have a bad trip which can’t happen with alcohol, the hungover is worse with alcohol though


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  • Not a huge fan of either anymore. But I'd say it really depends on what you're doing. If I'm out with friends I really don't wanna be stoned but rather drunk or tipsy. Being stoned is more of a relaxed at home thing.

  • Alchohol isn't great for me. I just feel woozy and heavy and stupid. With weed i just feel relaxed and floaty and happy

    • @Repa33 I have never understood why someone would downvote someone's experience.

      It makes absolutely no sense to downvote experience. WTHeck?

      What are they downvoting? That you shared an experience or that they did not like your experience? Huh? Ok, then. Weird.

      Like I said, it makes absolutely no sense. But I must confess, I do enjoy the mock worthy value of them doing that. :)

      Now, if G&G would only let us see who votes, whether up or down, that would be absolutely fabulous and potentially a lot of fun. ;)

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Being high is way more enjoyable than being drunk for me.

  • I don't do either.

  • Weed is great. Alcohol is quite literally poison.

  • Haven't tried either. Don't plan on it either.

  • I don't drink or smoke thanks 😒


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