Which 1 of these is the strongest antioxidant for guys an girls?

next say in comments which 1 you think fights deases best
  • shitake mushrooms
    Vote A
  • garlic
    Vote B
  • saint john wort
    Vote C
  • ginger
    Vote D
  • yellow onions
    Vote E
  • green tea
    Vote F
  • alpha Liptic acid
    Vote G
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when i finally clise this question i will exsplain a simple basic thing about each
thanks for being on my side my female fallower


Most Helpful Girls

  • I don't know which is best they are all meant to have benefits


Most Helpful Guys

  • You missed some of the highest ones such as sumac bran, cloves, dark chocolate, pecans, black raspberries and the list goes on & on. Green tea is good as long as you don't add milk as that causes it to lose it'd antioxidant properties, ginger is high. Basically anything high in phytochemicals is a good source of antioxidants.


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