What is the best takeout?

What is the best takeout?

  • Pizza
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  • Burgers
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  • Fried chicken
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  • Chinese
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  • Thai
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  • Tex-Mex
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  • Indian
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh man you're making me hungry.
    Pizza or Chinese. There's nothing like a hot, greasy slice of pizza or authentic Chinese delivered right to your door. ๐Ÿ˜‹

    • what about picking it up and eating it in the car?

    • If I'm eating in the car then I'd go burgers, just because it's easier.

Most Helpful Guy

  • One of the toughest questions to answer to as matter of fact.
    Can't make up my mind.
    Pizza and Burgers addict myself.
    Not a big fan of fried chicken and anything deeply fried with oil, it messes up my stomach.
    I will have to go with Pizza dear Of Death.
    You can eat as many slices as you need and the rest in the fridge for next day, besides, what is better than a cold pizza from left overs the next day, right?
    Burger lover but would rather make it home with my own ingredients.
    As for the rest, I would rather go to a restaurant with specialties.
    Chinese restaurant for Chinese food.
    Indian restaurant for Indian food.
    It would be nice to have a sizzling Chinese platter coming your way to your table and sharing it with someone in my own honest opinion.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting question, but, how about yours?


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What Girls Said 82

  • I love Chinese. I usually get sweet and sour battered chicken with boiled rice.

  • Nothin beats a donner kebab after its kickout time at the pub...
    Greasy lamb? beef? horse? Meat - - fuck knows in a pita bread with shredded cabbage and onions swamped in sweet chilli sauce
    with side Orders of chips and garlic mushrooms..
    While the rest of the world picks safe like pizza b burgers the Brits have the stomach for deep fried mars bars n kebabs

  • For pizza and burgers, I generally just prefer frozen stuff, or even cooking it myself from scratch. However, I like Chinese food, and suck at cooking rice or noodles, so I'd say Chinese is the best for a takeaway :P

  • Iโ€™m not a huge fan of Chinese and Thai food, I mean I like it but I wouldnโ€™t necessarily order it. I can make some pretty awesome burgers at home, so not that either. Fried chicken is amazing, but itโ€™s not quite my favorite. The choice between pizza and Indian food is impossible though.

  • Samosa and chattinand shrimp, indian spicey is the best!!! I could eat it 5 days a week ๐Ÿ˜ of course I'd have pizza and noodles on sat and Sunday ;)

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What Guys Said 127

  • Have to vote chinese because I can't quite put a tag on Fridays. Cheese fries with bacon crumble, potstickers and half rack of ribs.. That is takeout. Though IHOP/Denny's breakfast take out past 11PM is truly the MVP of takeout.

  • How about all da foods lol. Any are good, but everyone likes different things. Me, I love pizza, but always having it is meh, love Chinese, I don't have it often though so I probably love it more. Love Hispanic/texmex food, don't have it much. If I want to indulge in like, my latin/hispanic ethnic origins, eating Hispanic foods I'd love. Having variety is better than one thing tbh

  • You can get some truly abominable pizza around here, if you're not careful.

    After a lot of consideration, I'm going with Indian.

    • If the pizza is bad what will the Indian be like? Hopefully you have a reinforced can lol

    • The problem boils down to both cuisines being made by the same people.

      They generally know what they're doing with their own cuisine, but haven't a clue when it comes to pizza. It's scarcely believable that they have any repeat business...

  • Best food of the world , all sort of variety, u need spicy get it (punjabi, muglai , kolhapuri etc), u need plain simple food (marathi plain daal rice, patal bhaji, puran poli, south style, idli chutney , appam, dosa, curd rice etc) get it, u need everything sweet (gujarati thali etc..), u get it it's best for all the seasons and all moods , enjoy!!

  • Just cause it's filling and doent take up a lot of space. On a date night it's not leaving you with greasy fingers, bad breath or an agrivating stomach ache. Chinese is always a good conversation food because of the chopsticks and inviting nature of the food. Less chewing more talking.

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