Why is everyone falling for booze/drugs/cigarettes, even when they know the harms?

Few people try to showcase themselves as studs, that they are having alcohol etc. Why are all the smart people following these stupids, thereby making a huge number of drug addicts.
Personally, I get more fun when I am sober. Why do others wish to be wasted?


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  • They start because they might want to look “cool” at first. Or they see other cool people doing it.
    It's short term gratification. Most people don't see these effects as long term, but instead view them as something that they only have to worry about tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, they have regrets, but today, there are no regrets and no behavior modifications.

    • That's what I want to say. Generally a person go into drugs because his friends are taking drugs, and he think that his friends are cool. While in reality, those guys/girls have their life fucked up. Why the person can't see that?

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  • Depression, wanting to fit in with people who do that stuff, addiction, not caring.


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  • Weak mentality most people who smoke cigerettes are idiots who started because they were friends with people who pushed it onto them, And those who started on their own are also idiots for thinking it was cool or good to

    Booze isn't bad its the moderation thats the problem

    Drugs are for people looking for escape from their problems usually cowerds who don't want to face their life choices use them to avoid them temporarily, Though some people like female and MALE YES MALES TOO can be forced into doing drugs by gangs/pimps and forcefully given an addiction to it and stuff

  • Because people are idiots.


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