How do some people effortlessly manage to control their appetite, portions and hunger? Do you struggle with overeating and not feeling satiated?

What is the mindset of someone who can perfectly portion and control what they eat? It is quite a challenge for me but so easy for others. I wish I could easily eat only as needed and not feel hungry or wanting for more. It seems as though some people just have the gift of nutrition and portion control and can eat like a bird.

Ever since I could remember and from what I have been told from older family members I have always had an appetite and loved food. I have struggled with some weight issues in the pa struggling with hunger and an insatiable appetite. My Mom has even told me that when I was a little over a year old and my sister was almost five, my sister nibbled her Mighty Kid's Meal before running off and I would eat mine and polish off her food too. I always feel in the mood for food and like I'm always hungry in a sense. I have even been called a bottomless pit at times. In the past my parents have been very concerned over how much I could eat and put away. My parents were afraid I was deficient or had some signaling issues in my body but they doctor said I was alright. I suppose I did have a lot of rough spots too in childhood that made me depressed, it was probably emotional eating more than anything. Anyone else have this problem of struggling with food? Or is it easy for you to control how you eat? What are you thinking too when you effortlessly follow such a habit?
  • Proudly I can say I have entire control over what I eat and it is so easy to do. I don't get how others can overeat or make poor dietary choices. I treat myself rarely and I still portion and manage what I cheat with. I get normal feelings of hunger and fullness, little appetite.
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  • I am pretty good overall with what I eat. Mostly I'm good with portion and calorie control and nutritinal balance. I do cheat a bit often throughout the week eating too much or a bad snacks here and there but I still stay healthy overall. My appetite and fullness can be off at times.
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  • My eating habits could definitely be better. I do have healthy foods in my diet but not as much as I should, I eat a fair ammount of bad food. My control of my appetite and ammounts is alright too. I feel full and satiated normally mostly but I can eat more if it is really good.
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  • I feel as though I am a food addict. It is hard for me not to eat more than I need because food tastes so good and I have a insatiable appetite hardly ever seem full. I barely eat anything healthy because I only want and crave junk food. I don't have normal feelings of satiety.
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  • If you think your eating habits might have some emotional basis to them, have you tried talking to a doctor/therapist about it? They might be able to suggest ways to help you change your eating habits, or prescribe you appetite suppressants.


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