Do you love to eat donuts?

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  • As weird as that sounds, I've never eaten a donut in my entire life. Can't wait to try 😂

    • Why? Where do you live? LOL, or its just your option not to?

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    • What's your favorite dessert?

    • Uhmmm can't think of any that's my fav. I love dessert but I don't have a favourite one. But anything involving chocolate 😁

Most Helpful Guy

  • Never ate one and never will. So nope

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    • Am not overreacting, this is new for me, the sugar has something to do with the skin. Never thought of it an my skin looks likes anyone else's does! Dry because i don't use skin lotion a lot, maybe once a week.

    • Okay, I'm just skin conscious sorry bout that and thank you for answering.

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