Do you get disgusted by cutting meat?

I doDo you get disgusted by cutting meat?
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  • I get the following feelings:
    -Great interest when slicing it
    - Mildly gets turned on
    - A sense of satisfaction when cutting it

    My most satisfying meat cutting event can never be forgotten, it was so satisfying.

    I was cutting a turkey up for the birds of prey as my mum is trying to take photos of buzzards and kites in our garden so she got me to cut up some turkey and throw it onto the garage roof..

    Cut is probably not that accurate, it was more like chop or hack and I used a meat cleaver but didn't know it had such thick bones so it kept making cracking sounds when I slammed the cleaver onto it, we even have permanent cut marks on the board I used because I swung too hard XD Soooo satisfying <3 *Knows he'll be considered weird*


Most Helpful Girl

  • I definitely do. Which is one of the many reasons why I'm vegan. Food tastes better without meat anyway


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