A friendly debate: Chips (chips) or Chips (fries)?

Reigniting the old Rivalry between Europe and America... do you prefer chips (fries) or chips (actual chips)
I prefer chips, specifically BBQ. The origin story is interesting. A really obnoxious diner kept sending back their potato because it wasn't sliced thin enough. Their entire legacy is a result of their entitlement and unreasonable demands.

I don't know how fries were invented. Somebody probably accidentally fried a potato and ate it. Not as interesting of a story.

Also, chips come in a wider variety of flavors. And you can spit the crumbs at people if they're annoying you. Chips say "look at me, I'm enjoying chips. You have no chips, loser." Whereas fries don't make much noise.

And, if you're into that sort of stuff chips come in healthy varieties. It's pretty impossible to make a legitimate fry healthy.

And chips are more widely available and often cheaper. And there are more options to choose from. And, unlike pre-made fries, pre-made chips aren't inedible.

What do you think?


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  • Chips are what Americans call fries. And they are great, especially with fish, ham, sausages, anything really except custard or cream lol.
    Crisps are okay but boring.


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  • "Rivalry between Europe and America... "

    The difference between the two "chips" is one is used in it's British English form, the other one is the American variant.

    American and British English differs in a lot of ways.

    Brits say arse instead of ass. Windscreen instead of windshield, Chips instead of fries, mum instead of mom, tap instead of sink, metro instead of subway, etc.

    This is definitely NOT about which is "the right way", but where you are and how you speak.

    Don't be closed minded.

    • It's not that deep dude

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    • Crisps.
      And I never said it was any deep.
      Understanding the difference between 2 "dialects (if you will)" is anything but not deep. YOu are just dumb, Duvet.

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