What's the 'strangest' meal you've ever made but turned out delicious?

For example, here's mine...
1 can Progresso chicken noodle soup
10 low sodium/salt saltine crackers
Plain potato flakes

Blend can of soup to a pure liquid in a blender. Heat up blended soup till hot. Crumble crackers best you can into soup. Stir well. Gradually stir in potato flakes till desired thickness is JUST about right. Heat everything a little more so flakes soak up liquid. Stir well.

PS. if to thick, just add a little water or milk

THE taste will make boxed mashed potato mixes look so cheap! Try it! Could use any soup really but this was my first try :)


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  • Nothing
    I don't cook strange things. I prefer tradtional recipes 😛

    • Thus, "strangest" is mixed word. It's called creativity

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    • That sounds gross cause you are using canned soup and flaked fake potatoes 😂

      Thats disgusting hahaha
      I always use real Potatoes for mash 😛

    • I'm no chef nor said I was. Thus, it's 'strange' :p I can't chew whole food. Try working with what u have and not be so picky. I'd puree a chickfila sandwich roughly down like chip dip and surprised people it tasted great. It all goes in ur mouth, whether it is whole or pre blended

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