Did you hear? Anthony Bourdain is dead?

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  • Yeah, I've been following it all day. It fucked up my whole day, and I even cried for 30 minutes this morning. I normally don't get emotional over celebrities, but the guy was my idol, and I really related with him. I didn't agree with his politics or his believes, but when it came to travel, the guy was a lot like me. He shaped the way I travel and view things today. He showed me and the entire world that there is SO MUCH more to travel then visiting the tourist sites. And you haven't really experienced a country unless you've interacted with its people. He showed the real life of the places he was visiting, both good and bad. He showed us ways we can all connect and learn from each other, despite our differences. But he also showed us that the world can be a fucked up place. I'm gonna miss the guy. "Parts Unknown" was truly one of a kind, and there will never be another show like it. Especially after hearing his show's format was shaped by his experience during the Israel-Lebanon war. He showed that travel really "does" change you. The guy was a true traveler, and inspired me to get off the beaten path, and explore aspects of the country I am visiting, far beyond the main tourist sites. The guy truly changed my outlook on things. But his death also made me realize, that you can have your dream job, but in the end, it's loneliness that will destroy you. I can relate to him so much. His life is so much like my life minus the drugs and drinking, and after what happened I was thinking, "Shit. I hope I don't meet the same fate some day."
    I DO think he was selfish for leaving behind his daughter, family, friends and fans, but in the end, he died exactly as he wanted, in a beautiful French village doing the job he loved! He completed his mission in life. He taught people to be open minded, and that talking to people can really change the world. He hung out with celebrities, had dinner with a sitting president, and saw places most of us never will. His life was not wasted, and he will be remembered always. But he certainly left a huge void and darkness.
    RIP Bourdain, you will be greatly missed. You did the travel world justice, and we will remember you ALWAYS!

  • Yeah, I did. He was one of the only reasons I watched CNN.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I heard. He had previously been cuckolded by his ex wife and probably celebrity whore Asia aregento too.

    • News flash Asia Argento had been photographed stepping out on him with a younger man 5 days before he hung himself.

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  • Yeah he killed himself and left his kid without a father.

  • I'm sad, heard this morning. I'm shocked.

  • I haven't heard that


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