Do you prefer hamburgers or hotdogs?

And if you don't eat meat then the question obviously isn't for you.
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  • Once, I was but a boy who thought hotdogs were superior. Now I am a man, and my eyes are opened: I now see how much better burgers are compared to hotdogs.

    That being said, I still like both. Hotdogs tend to be my "I'm feeling extremely lazy at the moment and don't want to think about cooking or hurt my wallet" food. Burgers are my "I want something that actually tastes half decent" food. I pretend the burger is actually high quality steak and go from there haha. I'd probably season the burgers with just basic salt and pepper, since that's usually what I have. If I had the full range of condiments on hand, I would put onions, lettuce, barbecue sauce, and a bit of mayo. I don't like mustard or pickles. Blehh. Chances are I'd put some butter on the buns so I could toast them too. I'd get some fruit on the side, and boom-- dinner.

    On a side note, I like burgers, but hamburger pizza is atrocious. People make the joke about how pineapples don't belong on pizza, but I think we all know that the real tragedy is barbecue sauce on pizza. Yuck.

    • I love BBQ chicken pizza! 😂 it's my favorite. But I also do not like mustard and I dont like pickles on my burger. I like pickles from the jar. Salt and pepper is not acceptable as burger seasonings Bambino, come on.

  • 100% burgers. You can put more onto a burger, and I feel there is more variety and styles of burgers than there are of hotdogs. For example, some burgers are stuffed with cheese, or mixed with onions, then there are varieties with peameal bacon or regular bacon, cheeseburgers ( various types of cheeses used) etc. And I don't think I've ever seen a home made hot dog that hasn't gone through the stroodle machine at the factory lol

    This video almost makes me want to avoid hotdogs:

    • Yeah burgers are def more versatile. And yeah, I'm not a huge fan of hotdogs.

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    • My group very store makes ghamburger meat right st the store. I stick with that cuz I just like the idea better. But I eat hit dogs quite often tbh. I’m not really picky.

    • Grocery store ffs

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  • Voted burgers.

    I don’t like “proper” hot dogs - the frankfurter sausages. I do like a proper sausage in a roll though.


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