Do you like watching short (less than 1 min) foodmaking videos? Would you follow such pages on social media?

I think of making a page of this content so I just wanna know if people would be interested in such matters
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  • I like them but I wouldn't follow such pages
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  • I watch them all the time. Not only short videos but I watch food vloggers on YouTube as well. Anything related to food porn lol. But I prefer short ones cuz I need to be really selective with vloggers since not all of them are fun to watch

    • ehmm... excuse my ignorance but what is food porn? I don't dare googling it XD

    • Lol😂 nothing related to open. It's those short videos that show a close up of cakes or cheesy pizzas or any kind of food that are shot in a way that make it super appetizing

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