Help with anniversarydinner?

Me and my boyfriend have our anniversary coming up... every year he’s cooked fancy meals for me and this time I want to surprise him with one. However - I suck at cooking, he knows it and I know it, so I’m going to do this very carefully. Now - my question is that I want to cook salmon and a potato salad mix, that looks really fancy. I watched a bunch of videos of how to cook salmon and I feel pretty confidence with that, the potato salad looked easy on the recipe as well...

Now I’m wondering if that’s too little? Do you eat salmon and potato salad, just that? Or should I add some type of sauce? :/ And if so, which one? I’d love it if anyone had any suggestions! :) xx


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  • Depends how much salmon u got. If its a small piece, asparagus is a good compliment. If u season the salmon right, u won't need sauce. Maybe do surf and turf and u think u can cook a steak right


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