What cake should I make?

I need to make a cake but dis is bear difficult, you dun kno blud.
  • Red velvet...
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  • Plain sponge (meh)
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  • Chocolate (this is what makes me fat)
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  • Vanilla (pretty much like sponge)
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  • Strawberry?
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  • Shite (I won’t blame you if you choose this one)
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  • Cheese... The nice one tho 👌👌
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Cheese? If you can milky cake then its better , I love milk & milk product.
    Wow its milky cake :)

    • big man ting
      tried making it yeah
      turned out looking clapped af,
      Manz don't eat food looking butters blud

    • no butter, i am looking for milk only sis :), i am big fan of milk lol... hope i can produce 5000 Litter of milk & i can sale it :P

    • Thanks a lot my little sis :) , after all I have a little sister who is very nice :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Red velvet.. If you can make it that is.. I'm thinking this one would be harder so probably make the vanilla one..


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