Simple, low carb recipes?

Trying to make some healthy, simple snacks during the day before I work out, anyone have some ideas for healthy, easy to make dishes? :)


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  • Spinach and boiled eggs

    Chopped vegetables and tomatoe sauce as dip

    Bananas with peanut butter

    Coconut milk and berries

    Nuts and avacado

    Raw bell peppers and humus - humus has chickpeas which might be too much carbs depending on what diet you are following

    Cucumber grated with yoghurt

    Coconut pancakes and bacon

    Sweet potato and lettuce with cherrie tomatoes

  • just have some avocado and blueberries 😁 other then that i have a few recepies that are a bit harder to make and require cooking skill 😅

    • stuffed zucchini would also be a simple meal I guess: 1 1/2 zucchini, 4 slices of bacon, bit sour cream and some chives on top. maybe even some cheese if you feel like it

    • Thank you ☺

    • you're welcome 😊

  • If you don't mind a slice of bread, I could recommand avocado toast with a poached egg on top. Or avocado muffins (I would go as far as stiring in some greek yogurt for extra protein).


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