What do you think of a man whose breath smells like garlic?

I love garlic. It has so many good features. It tastes amazing and it’s Full of Health benefits.
The Problem is the bad breath after you consume it.
I know that men don’t really care if you smell like garlic, but what about women?
Would that be a Deal breaker for you if the man you’re talking to smells like garlic?
Let me know what you think about garlic breath in the comments
  • I stay away from people who smell like garlic
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  • I don’t care
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  • I like the fact that someone Eats garlic because it shows Courage!
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  • I like garlic too
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't like the smell, but I can deal with it. My boyfriend likes spicy food, garlic and coffee, which all make his breath stink. I'm used to it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I can eat a lot of raw garlic but if someone smells like garlic that’s a big no


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