What kind of Donuts do you like?

I like mine to be glazed dripping with icing, yum! Inspired by my friend @Kandy-Kane What kind of Donuts do you like?
Fuck wrong reply!!


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  • Hmm, I’ve never actually tried a doughnut that I’ve liked. I want to try a chocolate one or one of those Boston cream ones I’ve seen online where it’s full of cream inside, they look really good

    • That sounds really good. Can you order them online or is it store only?

    • I’ve only seen them in America so I have no idea if I could even get them in the UK at all 😕

    • Same here- probably somewhere like London might do them !

  • Almond sprinkled donut with glazed cream could never go wrong.. i worship it!


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  • I like glazed dripping with icing too. We have a lot in common.

    • Haha! That's good :D

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    • Sometimes it does. Or, sometimes we just laugh it off. I usually just tell girls "hey, i'm just looking for something casual" and they usually tell me "be there in 20 mins" or "yeah, me too". Or, i ask them are they single and if they response with "yes", i just say "Well, i know you're single and i'm like awww hell yeah".

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