Does this sound like a good idea for a restaurant?

One idea I had for a business would be to open a sloppy joe restaurant. The reason being that not many restaurants I know of serve sloppy joes. It would be the first I know of.

Instead of serving French fries on the side, I would like to spice it up a bit. Instead, it could be tater tots, or maybe chips. Maybe even both

Along with this, I was thinking maybe I could serve other sloppy joe themed foods. This includes sloppy joe nachos, sloppy joe hot dogs, sloppy joe tacos (or sloppy Jose's), sloppy joe and macaroni, etc.

I can't decide if the restaurants interior should be the classic fast food style or fast casual.

If I did the old school fast food style, then the interior would look like a classic eatery. Imagine your typical fast food interior with the booths and tables and all that. Customers would order up at the front counter. There would also be a pick up station for customers to pick up their food. On the walls could be pictures of the local town, with maybe some old photos. Expect outdoor seating too. There would be picnic tables with umbrellas. There could also be outdoor lights that turn on at night.

If I did the fast casual route, expect a more "fancy" kind of interior. I'd probably need waiters and waitresses if I went the fast casual style. The photos on the wall would be the same.

Another Idea I had was to maybe have the food served on a toy train. There could be train tracks placed around the restaurant, and the train would stop when it reaches your table so you can get your food.

Of course, these are all just ideas. But hey, a man can dream. Does my idea for the sloppy themed eatery sound like a good idea for a restaurant?


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  • I wouldn't eat there when I can buy a can of it for less than $2.00. I don't think it's that good of an idea.


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