Eating in public?

So: many people go on a date to a restaurant or something. However, I feel really uncomfortable when eating in public and sometimes my hands even start shaking when bringing the food to my mouth. I don't even know why.

Do you have a solution how I can avoid the shaking or even avoid eating in public or at a date?


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  • Just do it more often. Exposure therapy is a good way to combat anxiety. I used to have similar issues, but after forcing myself to eat in front of others it hardly affects me anymore.


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  • You can avoid the shaking by practicing
    Maybe ask a friend or two to watch you eat so your not in front of a crowed, but your in front of someone
    As for avoid eating during a date, umm don’t go to a restaurant. Instead maybe go for a hike, watch a movie, star gaze or like anything that doesn’t involve food lol


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