Dancing? Better drunk or sober?

  • It only works wasted
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  • Need to be able to walk in a straight line
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don’t like the affects of alchohol makes me feel off balance. I’d rather be able to party and remember everything and not feel like I look like an idiot.

    • I've never really forgotten the night lol... you don't really forget
      you just have more fun lol

    • @TripleAce it just makes me sleepy and than I get agitated and just wanna go home.

    • awwww poor baby lol
      ya I understand what you mean... its because its not enough lol... when you have just a little to slow, you get sleepy... if you are super pumped and ready to dance off, looking sexy, mingling, tons of friends there... then more drinks to the point of feeling drunk then slow down to maintain won't make you sleepy... hhahah

      but it needs to be the right situation, you have to be pumped without the booze though... at least

Most Helpful Guy

  • Drunk lol
    Everything feels like you're too good. But actually look like a complete fool 😂

    • of course it depends... if you mean like real dancing hitting all the points... probably 99% of the times sober and once in a while a little high or drunk will make you more fluid...

      but like just casual dancing, club style... maybe some pop locking... ya drunk is nice lol
      its not that It makes you better, its just that it makes you feel more hype inside... so you do better

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  • Not really a good dancer so in other to move my body I need to get a little high not drunk though...

  • POSSIBLE when drunk. But not better.


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