What to cook for a family reunion with distant relatives?

My cousin just let me know through instant message that they’re planning on organizing a family reunion to meet our estranged relatives, who are flying in from all over the world. Since I’m the chef in our family, he’s tasked me with coming up with the menu for the event and cooking some samples that would suit everyone’s palate. Apparently, we have an aunt and grandmother traveling all the way from Barranquilla, so I want to make sure they can appreciate the food I cook for them. Any tips on cooking for Colombian women?


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  • - not everyone likes the same levels of spice
    - cook something that can be put together by people (pasta with different toppings such as various sauces)
    - cut things into big enough pieces to be picked out if needed
    - be aware of the various common allergies

    hope I helped at least a little


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