Is this situation bad or not?

Soooo... Um.. This be rather embarrassing but the thing is...

I up until now, I always thought that the reason the top of Guinness taste so creamy was because they mixed cream with the Guinness and I asked my dad how they put the cream into the Guinness..

Obviously he laughed and this has not been let go every time I have a Guinness he is like "How's the cream?" And starts laughing.. Gahhh, this is embarrassing...

Is it bad that I didn't know this? It legit does taste like double whipped cream! 0_0
  • Is this situation bad or not?Ha! That's Hilarious!
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  • Is this situation bad or not?Funny, but not bad :)
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  • Is this situation bad or not?Funny, you obviously just don't know enough about Guinness ^_^
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  • Is this situation bad or not?I'm a alcohol genius who expects everyone to know this stuff :D
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  • I love Guinness my favorite! And no, if you never new how beer is made you would not know, but its a great story! learn to love it! It going to be around for a while.


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  • Did you know, Guinness is now vegan?

    It used to be filtered through unmentionable (not just because I can't remember what they're called) parts of fish.

  • I don't care. I'm just happy you used a toradora gif for one of the options. love that anime

  • It reminds me of my dad when I say stuff like that. Don't worry so much, you're fine.


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