How to care for a friend with alcohol poisoning?

My friend has had way too much to drink, he had maybe 11 shots. Way more than he needed. He has thrown up twice now, he's laying on his side in my bed. At first he was having shallows breaths and he was a little bit cold. He's warming up and his breathing is getting more even, I think he's going to be okay but I'm still a little nervous. Any tips for how to better take care of him?
Thank you everyone for helping me out! He's doing better now, he'll be okay. He warmed up and his breathing returned to being steady. He was able to get up and walk around as well as rehydrate himself. He's got a headache and an upset stomach but he's okay now!


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  • Water, miso soup (ex: Shijimi), Ukon, lots of sleep in a comfy bed, super light noodle dishes which are really easy to digest.

    • Ex: soba, maybe a small bowl of udon. That's probably more for the hangover that awaits after he falls asleep.

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    • Miso soup is awesome though. Any kind is decent, but not a huge bowl. Instant is fine. I think Shijimi is the best since it has some effects on improving liver health, but just miso soup in general tends to be great relief for extreme drunkenness and hangovers.

    • And not miso soup with lots of veggies and stuff. Just very plain, maybe some soft things easy to digest like tofu or wakame or shijimi, but nothing crunchy. Mostly things that don't require much chewing.

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  • That's basically it, just keep an eye on him and keep him on his side. If he's already thrown up he should be fine, just gonna feel awful

  • The symptoms you describe certainly indicate alcohol poisoning. He would be better sitting up than lying down. If you can't get him to sit up at least put him in the recover position. If you can get him to drink water that would be good but don;t give him anything else to drink especially anything with caffeine. He needs to be kept hydrated with water only!

  • Call for an ambulance.

  • If you're that worried I would call an ambulance.


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