Eating contest, how many of y'all would say you can enter one and what kind of food would it be?

While I've never officially entered one for prizes I've had some with my friends. It was pizza of course and at CiCi's pizza (pizza buffet) me and 8 of my friends challenged each other I got second with 8 drink refills, 46 slices of pizza, and one brownie. My friend beat me by 1 drink.

Another was pizza buffet (go figure) also but the slices we more than a foot long (30+cm) I ate 18 slices. but it just between me and my bro.

*note : I could not do this today, i can only eat half a pizza now (six slices). These comps where back in my late teens early 20's.


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  • That's an insane amount of food lol but I always wanted to enter one

    I would not eat for like one whole week just to fully enjoy the eating contest lol

    I would probably loose terribly


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  • YOU ARE INSANE! But I can't blame you. Pizza is a good comfort food

    • Oh yeah, I used to be able eat really good but not anymore as a teen you don't gain weight so I'd eat and nothing really stuck, also why do think I learned to cook. Got to learn to make the food you love. but now I can make, and eat good food and gym keeps me in shape.

  • 46 would be higher than the world record.

    • What really? those slices were only about 5 to 7 inches a piece. I wonder if that counts.

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    • You're really doubling down on this huh lmao.

    • Haha I'm completely serious, but this was nearly 10 or 11 years ago so video recording and taking pictures of everything wasn't a thing like today.

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