Best adult lunch?

  • Best adult lunch?Mixed fruit, biscuit crackers, and a club salad
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  • Best adult lunch?Chocolate granola bar, blueberries, and a burrito w/ guacamole
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  • Best adult lunch?Larbars, blueberries, and California style salmon
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  • Best adult lunch?Grapes, potatoes, and bbq chicken
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  • Best adult lunch?Apple crisps, baguette slices, and Caesar salad w/ honey mustard dressing
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  • Best adult lunch?Mixed fruit, mini carrots w/ ranch dip, and sushi w/ soy sauce
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  • Best adult lunch?Apricots, grain crackers, cucumber slices, and orzo pasta salad
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My apologies for this but d was meant for like choice of red or white grapes. Not both. For those who think it is a whole meal. You have a problem, and should see a therapist to fix your underlying reason why you over eat. That is two meals, and not one. Again my apologies.


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  • To me, these are snacks, not meals. I chose D simply because there are 2 containers' worth of it. If I ate any of the others for lunch, I'd be hungry again in 30 minutes. Option D for me!

  • The burritos or BBQ chicken. Everything else doesn't look very filling. To be fair, I work 12 hour shifts. Also I don't bring fish to work or my coworkers will hate me for stinking up the break room.

  • Apple crisps, baguette slices, and Caesar salad w/ honey mustard dressing

  • Any of the above


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