Is it chemically worse to wrap your food in plastic cling film or aluminium foil?

first of all I apologise to my fans for not asking many questions lately... 😘

So yeah, you have a sandwich you just made or a plate of leftovers and no plastic containers to put it in so you have to wrap it up.
You're off to work or wherever you go when everyone thinks you're at work... but there is one problem:

Do you wrap it in cling film or aluminium foil?
I mean we're all conscious now about harmful chemicals that lurk in every day household items.

So does anyone know which one is actually worse?


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  • Unless your food is super acidic probably plastic


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  • Id think cling wrap

    • I was thinking that too. It breaks down at a lower temperature so particles could get into the food.
      It's also less recyclable than the foil.

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