Headaches after clean eating?

So I literally have the worst diet in history lmao and because of that my weight has been up and down like a yoyo. I’m currently at my heaviest and honestly I completely despise myself for letting it happen. 4 years ago I was 126 pounds and right now I’m 187 pounds. I have no excuse for it, and that’s the worst part for me. I need to get myself together but yesterday I began clean eating for the first time in months and it left me with a horrible headache all through the night. I know that it’s kinda like withdrawal symptoms and it’ll go away in the long run, but how can I cope with it whilst my body adjusts? It’s so hard to eat clean when my body is literally begging for sugar. I felt horrible and irritable.


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  • Your body will get used to it eventually. It takes time, but be sure to drink lots of water, and stay away from anything overly sugary. You don't have to cut EVERYTHING out of your diet immediately, that's how you get withdrawls!
    Instead, begin by changing one meal a day. Opt for a healthier dinner, or a better more nutritious breakfast and begin a meal plan. Still allow yourself to have some unhealthy foods, but take them away gradually, and find better options.
    This way your body won't give you the headaches or make you feel ill because the cravings are getting the better of you. If you want something sweet, you can opt for dried raisins, or a piece of fruit with natural sugars.
    Small changes, but everything you do will make a big diference soon enough!!

  • Get a blood test

    • If you try to go cold turkey by eating clean, you will get sick abit. I don't believe sugar can ever be canceled out of our diet but you can limit the intake.

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    • To see everything is in the right levels esp glucose levels

    • Oooh okay, thank you

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