Beer, wine, or liquor?

Favorite drink? What you think is best? goo
  • Beer, wine, or liquor?Beer
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  • Beer, wine, or liquor?Wine
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  • Beer, wine, or liquor?Liquor (cocktails)
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Most Helpful Girls

  • It depends. Usually when I'm drawing or writing I'll pour myself a bit of whiskey to help me relax and to focus, but if I'm out with friends I have a beer like Spitfire or Guiness.

    • British beer. Probably doesn't exist in other countries I suppose, it's named after the Spitfire, a plane made famous during the Battle of Britain. Makes a fine beer, too.

    • Yeah I'm aware of the plane. Interesting, I'll try to find it.

  • Water. All alcohol taste the same to me - just bitter


Most Helpful Guys

  • I have a set of rules I use to determine what to drink.

    1. Never drink anything with a name that ends in a vowel
    2. Y is not a vowel
    3. Smoky > sweet
    4. Brown > clear except Gin
    5. Never drink booze made west of Denver or east of Berlin, unless it's Japanese
    6. Porters and Cream Ales are the bastard children of beer.
    7. It's acceptable to drink grape juice with food, but only marginally
    8. Beer should have been brewed within 200 miles of my current location
    9. Classic cocktails trump the bartender's imagination


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