Should I leave a bad review online for this restaurant?

it was so disappointing and I didn't even feel that the cooks tried at all to make my meal anything special. but I feel bad cause the servers were nice and such.

but I feel like its one of those typical tourist traps , location with a nice view in a busy area along the beach. but with pitiful food at high prices. I ordered chicken fingers and fries with a drink , which is your typical bar food , but the fries were really greasy and the fingers had not been cooked long enough. I knew rate away as they came way too quickly , I would of preferred to wait an extra 5 minutes so they were cooked better

and then when I got the bill it was over $20 which I though was way too high , I would of felt bad paying $10 for this order yet alone $20 plus a tip ( still tipped the server $1.50 as she treated me nice ) I think you could of got a better order at a chip truck here for $10 than what they gave me yesterday

I feel bad leaving a bad review online but feel that the management needs to realise they need to improve things if they want people to come back and to actually become a destination restaurant people want to eat at
I checked on google it only has 1 review and they were also not happy , odd as its been there for some time. so they must of cleared the history and started a new profile on google maps
I left the review , just feel for what I got , its wasn't fair that I had to pay so much money for such junk , they need to step things up if they want to be a good restaurant


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  • You should of complained and sent the food back to the kitchen. Under cooked chicken can make you extremely sick and if the fries were greasy it means the frying oil was not hot enough or they crowded the fryer which causes the oil temp to drop.

    • it was like the chicken had still been cooked but had sat around or something , the meat was white , so signs of pink or red uncooked meat

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  • If you're in a tourist area, food is gonna be more expensive no matter what. Just suck it up and eat ya damn fries

    • true but they could of produced something better than what I got the other day , it was not worth over $20 . purely a tourist trap and over priced

    • Welcome to being a tourist. You're a tourist you have no right ro complain

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  • I always write review based on the food and not really the atmosphere or service. Because after all you are writing a FOOD review. But if its good service I do mention it, but my score is purely based on the food it self.

  • Give a review of the wait staff, and the food.
    Like Anonymous said being a tourist, you're gonna get screwedwed. Ask the locals where the best places are.

    • I have been there before , the only place I seem to like there is a smaller chain pizza place but its not on the main beach area so harder to get to

    • Sometimes you have to search hard for the best and more affordable food. It's well worth it in the end.

  • Reviews are important as long as you're being fair.

  • Sure lol


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