Ladies do you like men who can cook good meals?

Honestly I love cooking being a man and all I really don't care who cooks. I love tasting new things and creating new food dishes. Some are well... *cough *cough won't be made again. Try tested and true?

I never understood from a woman's perspective on how she feels about a man who can cook good meals? I mean when I was a kid my mom usually did all the cooking, but I stuck by her and helped her. I remember when she was making french onion soup and had to cut onions and walked by and noticed she was crying. I was young 7-8 years old and being caring I told my mom "Don't cry what's wrong mommy". Sure enough I had no idea what was really going on. Sure enough she explained she was fine it was the onions... I thought maybe the onions did something bad and hurt my mom. So I told mom to let me finish cutting the onions. So here I am 8-9 years old on a stool chopping onions no problem them after half of one I feel my eyes starting to water like some one raised the PH level in my EYES. My mom comes back and looks at me and laughs but I continue to cut and cry.


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  • aww, thats a cute story, and men who can cook are great


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  • Lol. I remember the same thing happening when my mother was crying while cutting onions when I was a kid.
    And I fucking worked as a cook for two god damn years so there are a lot of dishes that I know how to prepare pretty effectively. The only thing about is I am SO fucking lazy when it comes to actually cooking I don't even want to go near a damn stove anymore. But then, I'm unfortunately a better cook than my girlfriend and she doesn't like cooking either, so I'm just naturally forced to fill the fucking role. Worse, she and most others like my cooking, so again I'm fucking forced back into the damn role.
    Personally my favourite dishes and the ones I like cooking the most (and arguably cook the best) are:

    -A fucking mad cheese tortellini with cut chicken strips, diced bacon bits and a nice layer of cheese melted on top
    -A hell of a fettucine alredo with cut chicken strips or added bacon bits and a dash of lemon seasoning
    -Stir Fry (mine is nowhere near as good as my father's because I use a completely different recipe from my days in the restaurant industry)
    -Veal parmesan
    -Meatball or any other kind of sub
    -Multi-layered Pizza (I'm a fan of meats, if you can't tell by the bacon and chicken)
    -Turkish Wrap Melt (I usually add ham or bacon to mine and sometimes lettuce)
    -And my personal fav and my own signature invention: The Chindripper (Cheeseburger with Horseraddish and a half-sunnyside omelette egg cracked ontop)
    -Speaking of which... an onion-bacon omelette delight

    And I'm pretty good with my appetizers and salads too, usually my go-to's are:
    -Bacon and melted cheese-topped garlic bread/nachos
    -Cheese sticks with marinara
    -Caesar Salad
    -Macaroni Salad
    -And once again my own personal specialty: The Asian Pear Salad
    -I also have a recipe for my own wing sauce including a recipe for dry cajun that I've had for two years and still have yet to fuckin' try

    My girlfriend loves my tortellini (as does everyone, I make that the most because I fucking love tortellini) and veal parmesan. And I get laid a lot.
    I don't know wtf happened to my mother, she cooked a ton when I was a kid but now in her fifties when I go over for barbecues with she and her boyfriend either her boyfriend's son, Rollie, or I end up barbecuing because her burgers and hot dogs will end up with a nice black fucking shell on them.
    I had to literally explain to her the science behind convection on the grill and why you never cook with a grill on high.
    There is a fine science to food preparation.

    • Yeah i learned that too. im a pipe welder my trade and know what heat does to metals. it distorts them that's why i cook my food on med and I noticed my pots are lasting a lot longer too. I would agree High heat is not good and is only needed when you need to seer meat.

    • Working in the food industry typically the flat-tops and shit are always preset. I've been out of the game for a while, it took me a little while to realize just what the fuck exactly the problem was and what she was doing wrong until my stepdad finally pointed it out to me "she's got the fuckin' barbecue on high".
      And then I went "oh yeah".
      Plus the centre of the grill is always hottest. Anything in the centre needs to be consistently rotated with whatever is on the outside otherwise it won't all cook evenly.
      She's just light all four fucking grills, toss the shit on and let it burn. You don't even need to light all four up, two or three will do.

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